Duchess Volunteer Fire Department Team:

Fire Chief Greg Witt
Assistant Chief Steve Dunford
Captain Claudia Locke
Captain Wayne Elsbett
Lieutenant JR Stenger
Lieutenant Ron Torkelson
Lieutenant Ben Thiessen

Zack Miller
Seth Peterson
Danny Thiessen
Willie Thiessen
Chris McNamara
Phil Vandenbrink

Kole Brear
Michael Reid
CJ Marin
Ron Torkelson
Johan Wall
John Loewen

Duchess Fire Cadets

Duchess Fire Cadets is an after school program ran by the Fire Department for students ages 14+. Fire Cadets are taught skills essential to fire fighting. Topics include fire fighting techniques, equipment fundamentals, first aid, teamwork and, physical fitness. Cadets also experience a behind-the-scene tour of the Provincial Emergency Dispatch in Red Deer and perform a live demonstration of a simulated emergency.

For more information please contact Claudia Locke
(403) 427-1456