Back Alley Clean Up

The Back Alley Clean Up is an annual event put on during a week in Spring put on by the Public Works Department to help residents of Duchess remove clutter and keep the back alleys clean. Residents are encouraged to leave junk that is unfit for the weekly garbage collection in their back alley and a crew from the Public Works department will haul it to the landfill free of charge. Dates for the Back Alley Clean Up will be announced in an upcoming newsletter included with the utility bills.

Back Alley Clean Up Do’s And Don’ts

  • Do visibly mark items for disposal. If you have items in your alley during the Back Alley Clean Up that you would like to keep, it is recommended that you clearly mark them “DO NOT TAKE.”
  • Do keep the alley clear. Pile items beside the alley as to not obstruct traffic.
  • Do be patient. We may not make it to your alley on the first day. We’ll be working to ensure all garbage is removed by the end of the week.
  • Do call the office if you have any questions regarding the Back Alley Clean Up. (403)-378-4452
  • Don’t panic if not all your items are picked up at the same time. We have to organize what goes into separate loads depending on the landfill categories and regulations. 
  • Don’t leave cardboard, tin cans, or newspaper in the alley. These can be recycled in the shed behind the Fire Hall.
  • Don’t leave fridges, freezers, or water coolers. These items are levied a surcharge at the landfill.