The Back Alley Clean-up is an annual service put on for a week in the Spring by the Public Works Department. The purpose of the Back Alley Clean-up is to help residents remove accumulated clutter and keep the alley’s clean. Residents are encouraged to leave garbage in their back alley that is unfit for the weekly garbage collection and a crew from the Public Works Department will haul it the landfill free of charge. Dates for the next Back Alley Clean-up will be announced in an upcoming newsletter accompanying your utility bill.

Back Alley Clean Up Do’s & Don’ts
  • Do​ visibly mark items in the alley that you wish to keep! Unmarked items may be assumed as garbage and taken.

  • Do keep the alley clear. Pile items in such away that won’t obstruct traffic.

  • Do be patient. We may not make it to your alley on the first day. We will ensure that all garbage is taken by the end of the week.

  • Do make arrangements with the Village Office if you have one or two objects that are too big to move by yourself. We’d be happy to help you bring them out to the alley.

  • Do call the office if you have any questions regarding the Back Alley Clean-up.

  • Don’t panic if we only pick up some items and leave the rest. We are required to separate garbage according to landfill regulations

  • Don’t leave cardboard, tin cans, or newspaper. These can be recycled in the shed behind the Fire Hall.

  • Don’t leave fridges, freezers, or water coolers. These items contain freon and are levied a disposal charge at the landfill.