The LED Sign is a space for local organizations to advertise special events. If you are interested in displaying an event, use the form below or email information regarding the event to The Village Office will create a graphic on your behalf to display on the LED Sign.


Guidelines for submissions

As this is a free service offered by the Village of Duchess, only public, local area events will be accepted

The LED Sign will not be used to advertise for business

It is recommended that sign requests are submitted 2-4 weeks prior to event date

It may take up to a week from the day of submission for the sign to be displayed

Feel free to attach any relevant logos or graphics to be displayed with your sign (email submissions only)

Please keep information concise! We may need to trim extraneous information to fit onto the sign

The Village of Duchess may choose to deny your sign request at their discretion

Use the form below OR email with your event submission!
LED Sign Submission Form
Enter 'FREE' if there's no fee for admission/registration
Where people can direct any questions regarding the event AND/OR how to register for the event
Anything else you might want us to know or specific requests regarding the display of your sign
Where we can get in touch with you if we have questions/concerns regarding your sign request