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Alberta Relaunch Strategy

A safely staged COVID-19 recovery plan to relaunch our economy.

Alberta Biz Connect

Guidance for reopening

All workplaces are expected to develop and implement policies and procedures to address COVID-19.

More tips and guidance will be added as we continue the staged relaunch

Government of Alberta

COVID-19 info for Albertan

Actions to protect Albertans and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Alberta Health Services
Brooks Region
County of Newell
Face Masks


Notice Board

Office Closure

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak the Village Office is closed to the General Public. Please call us at 403-378-4452 if you have a question or concern.  Essential Services will remain operational, water, waste water and garbage pick up. If you have a Public works emergency, call the Public works foreman @ 403-378-0885.

Please use our website to find updated links and reputable information.

Thank You.


“Wipes in Pipes”

Dear Residents

We would just want to send out a friendly reminder that wipes in pipes do not mix.  We understand that while toilet paper may be harder and harder to find, please do not flush wipes. Even those wipes that say flushable should be thrown in the garbage not flushed. Flushable wipes can clog lift stations.

Thank you.

Annual Parade of Garage Sales

Time to think about spring cleaning! Duchess’ Parade of Garage Sales is happening May 22nd and 23rd this  year. Recommended times to be open are 4:00 – 7:00 PM on Friday and 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Please call us to join our list of participating homes. 403 378 4452

2020 Traffic Safety Calendar